Monday, 23 July 2012

Name of Order

"The Morning Star", by Alphonse Mucha, 1902

Today, as the Sun enters his Royal sign of Rulership, Leo, we announce the new name of our Order, as: -

The Universal Order of the Morning Star

After much deliberation and many unbelievable synchronities, we came to the conclusion that this was definitely the correct name for our Order.

We just want to make a small disclaimer that this Order is a fairly new entity and has no connection with any previous Order that used the words "Morning Star" in its title. We draw our inspiration, however, most definitely from the original Order known as the Stella Matutina (Latin  for "Morning Star"), that boasted such great members as W. B Yeats, Dr Israel Regardie and Dr Robert Felkin (who took the Golden Dawn/Stella Matutina to New Zealand) - people who really made the system of the Golden Dawn work, even at a time when they were no longer calling it "Golden Dawn."

That said, we do not claim any direct institutional lineage from the original Order of the Stella Matutina, nor do we aim to be a modern day replica of that traditional Golden Dawn approach. Rather, we are inspired by innovative Orders such as the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn who have openly adapted the Golden Dawn system to incorporate new elements into the system, from Tibetan Buddhism and Thelema, and, in our case Taoism. We see this not as detracting from the Magick Sword of our Work, but as having a effect of tempering and strengthening its blade; and in the process of tempering we make sure and not destroy or lose the original steel.

The Order original known (in 1888 onward) as the Golden Dawn changed its name as early as 1903 to Stella Matutina, and also, in its other wing to Alpha & Omega. 

We have chosen to describe ourselves as a Universal Order, which is the subject of another blog post, but for now let's say that it is a reference to Maat and as we wrote in our Probationary Grade material: -

"This is important magical work and should be done daily to build up positive magical energy and most importantly connect you to your Higher Self and to what we call The Universal Order - represented in Egyptian Tradition as the Goddess Maat (Maat means Truth or Order).  Before you join an Order, it is important that you find Order within yourself, so that you can be receptive to the Teachings of the Order from Neophyte onwards.  These daily exercises therefore, are, for the probationer absolutely crucial."

There appears to be no general consensus as to what exactly "The Morning Star" is: some say Venus, some say it's just the Sun (the star that apears in the morning) and say it is Lucifer, and some even say it is Jesus; as far as we are concerned it it Sirius (also known as Sothis), the so-called dog-star. It is tghe subject of another post but it is essentially Sirius is very important for the Golden Dawn tradition becvuase it has strong associations with the Gods whose energies are so central to our system - Isis, Osiris, Horus and Anubis.
Sirius (the Morning Star) - the brightest Star in the Heavens 

Indeed as Sirius appears just before the sun, many see Sirius as the Herald (Kerux) of the Divine Light (represented by the Sun itself). Thus on one level, it is Anubis herladed Horus (Ra-Horus to be precise), who for us is not just the Divine Light, but the Initiating Current. It is not for nothing that Sirius is nick-named the DOG-Star.

That said, the association of Sirius with Isis, the Divine Mother (and Praemonstrator godform of the Golden Dawn, both traditional and modern) is also, not to be overlooked by us.

It is an interesting synchronicity therefore that we chose to make this announcement of our name on 23rd of July, the beginning of the Dog Days and of Sirius' appearance as Herald of the Sun.


LVX 120 + 888,

Soror S.D.,     Praemonstrator
Frater M.K.,   Imperator
Frater V.E.L.,  Cancellarius

Frater E.P.E.E.A.T.S.,    Sub-Praemonstrator 
Soror I.S.I.S.,                 Sub-Cancellarius 

Frater H.E.M.,                Chief of Isis-Nuit Temple, Spain

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